Lincoln Vantage 580 Engine Driven Welder


Lincoln Vantage 580 Engine Driven Welder

The Vantage 580 is a rugged, reliable and capable welder for a demanding mining or construction site, a dependable hire fleet or for a quick turnaround repair job, the Vantage 580 has all the power you need and the safety features modern standards demand. New standard features include a battery isolator switch for safer maintenance procedures and a engine stop button to quickly shut the Vantage 580 down in the event of an emergency.

Simple controls and Chopper Technology deliver the low maintenance, long service life, easy operation and great arc performance every owner demands in these environments.

The Vantage 580 is a multi-process powerhouse features 500 amps at 100%, or 525 amps at 60% duty cycle, tested at temperatures up to 40°C. Plenty of AC 240V & 415V auxiliary power – this unit delivers 20,000 watts.

You can depend on legendary engine reliability from Perkins and superior Lincoln arc performance.


Stick, TIG, MIG, Flux-cored, Gouging

Advantage Lincoln

  • The Vantage 580 is simple to operate – Select one of five Process Modes, including CC-Stick, CC-Pipe, CC-Gouging, Touch-Start TIG or CV Wire, and then dial in the desired output.
  • Optimised CC-Stick mode – CC-Stick mode is optimised for general purpose and E7018 low hydrogen electrodes.
  • Arc control adjustment – Produces a soft, buttery arc or a more forceful, digging arc to suit your requirements.
  • Touch-Start DC TIG welding – Provides easy arc starting that avoids tungsten contamination and the use of high frequency.
  • 20kVA of auxiliary power – Able to power up to three inverter power sources to give you up to four stick electrode welding arcs for higher productivity. 240V and 415V IP66 rated outlets.
  • Digital Volt/Amp meters – Built-in preset function makes it easy to precisely set your procedures.
  • Arc gouging – Arc gouging with up to 13mm carbons. – New carbon arc gouging waveform delivers improved gouging performance including VRD
  • Full instrumentation – Fuel, oil pressure, engine temperature gauges and hour meter keep you on top of monitoring engine performance.
  • Perkins 404D-22T Turbo diesel engine – 43 horsepower, liquid-cooled, 4 cylinder Perkins engine, includes automatic engine idler for greater fuel economy and reduced noise.
  • VRD Device – Factory-fitted, built-in voltage reduction device (VRD) offers additional protection for the operator. The VRD operates in the CC mode reducing the OCV to a safer <20 volts, increasing operator safety when welding is performed in environments with increased hazard of electric shock.
  • Stainless steel enclosure – Standard stainless steel roof, side panels and engine access door deliver added protection and durability.
  • Lincoln Electric’s 3-year, parts and labour warranty

Arc Performance

  • The Vantage 580 has a 500 amps @100% duty cycle and capable of 525 amps at 60% duty cycle with all the benefits of Chopper Technology. All ratings are at temperatures of 40°C.
  • Arc Gouging with up to 13mm carbons, Arc gouging mode is optimised to deliver a more powerful gouging arc, including VRD functions.
  • VRD (Voltage Reduction Device) reduces OCV (open circuit voltage) in CC-stick welding mode for added safety.
  • CC-Stick mode is optimised for general purpose stick using E7018 low hydrogen electrode.
  • Built-in “hot” start for easier starts and restrikes which minimises the electrode “sticking” to the work.
  • Standard Touch-Start DC TIG welding, not scratch start, for easy arc starting that avoids tungsten contamination and the use of high-frequency equipment.
  • Excellent CV wire welding with cored-wire and MIG (CO2 and mixed gas). 2.4mm E70T-6 up to 260 IPM, 27V. Includes reduced OCV >20 volts for improved safety with across-the-arc feeders.

Generator Performance

  • The Vantage 580 provides added value at the job site by delivering up to 20 kVA of AC auxiliary power for equipment such as a Lincoln Invertec PC210 Plasma cutter. Also use for lights, grinders and other common construction tools. You can simultaneously weld and have access to AC power – the full 20,000 watts can be delivered while welding at up to 90 amps.
  • Compare this to the common competitive standard of 4,000 watts. No expensive options are required to add significant generator capacity.
  • Two 240V and one 415V receptacles with circuit breaker protection and IP66 rated.


  • The Vantage 580 has a large 76 litre fuel tank provides run time for an extended day – 9 hours of welding at 500A / 40V / 100% duty cycle output.
  • Simple controls – Keep training time to a minimum with the straight forward control panel of the Vantage 580. The flip-down control panel door keeps less frequently used dials out of the way.
  • Output at welding terminals controlled by electronic contactor – Can be switched to “Weld Terminals On” or to “Remotely Controlled”.
  • Automated remote control capability – Output control is automatically switched from the machine to the remote mode when a remote device is connected. (Standard 6 pin connector).
  • 14-pin connector for Lincoln wire feeders LF-72, LF-74 and LNTM-8. Also compatible with the NA-3 Control, LT-7 Tractor, Multi-Weld 350 and LNTM-25 PRO Dual.
  • Sliding Engine-Access Door – Lockable engine-access door slides open for easy access in tight spaces.
  • Lockable battery disconnect switch provides lockout/tagout capability.
  • Oil drain valve and tube to direct used engine oil away from base into pan.
  • Two Vantage 580 units can be paralleled in the CC-Stick Mode to increase output.
  • Sound rating – No load 76 dBA @ 7m, Loaded 80 dBA @ 7m

Quality and Reliability

  • Printed circuit boards are trayed and potted to provide a robust environmental shield.
  • Simple wire harnessing keeps connections to a minimum for greater reliability. Lead and harness strain reliefs on all control connections help ensure trouble-free performance.
  • Engine protection system includes automatic shutdown for low oil pressure, high engine temperature or low engine alternator voltage.
  • Indicator light turns on for low oil pressure or high engine temperature. A second indicator light turns on if the engine battery charging system malfunctions.
  • Circuit breaker protection on the battery ignition system provides added component protection.
  • Engine camshafts are gear driven – no timing belt maintenance.
  • Closed breather system to keep the engine compartment and ground clean. This system eliminates oil mist from collecting inside the engine compartment, especially on surfaces that would lower engine cooling efficiency.
  • Self-bleeding engine simplifies startup if your fuel tank runs dry. Manual fuel line bleeding is usually not necessary.
  • Perkins 404D-22T gear driven engines – no timing belt maintenance.
  • 3-year, Lincoln parts and labour warranty. (Engine is warranted separately by the manufacturer.)


Download the brochure: Lincoln – Vantage 580 Brochure

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