CutSkill Tradesman Oxy – LPG Kit


CutSkill Tradesman Oxy – LPG Kit

The CutSkill Tradesman LPG kit is the latest in the range of Cutskill products from Cigweld that has been designed for general purpose cutting and welding applications using oxygen – LPG. As with all gas equipment manufactured by Cigweld, the items in this kit have been carefully designed to provide the highest quality and to ensure they comply with stringent Australian Standards where applicable. All the equipment and accessories are packed in a solid CutSkill toolbox. This kit offers great value for the most discerning budget conscious buyer.


  • Suitable for light to medium duty cutting and welding
  • Multi fuelled torch
  • Comfort fit handle
  • Tough solid brass construction
  • Flashback resistant mixer
  • O-Ring Seal on cutting attachment
  • Excellent flame stability
  • High flow oxygen cutting valve
  • Cuts up to 150mm (6”)
  • Torch profile gives excellent job visibility
  • Ideal for the handyman
  • 1 year conditional warranty


  • CutSkill Oxygen Regulator: 800kPa
  • CutSkill LP Gas Regulator: 400kPa
  • CutSkill Blowpipe
  • CutSkill Cutting Attachment
  • CutSkill Mixer
  • Twin Welding Hose 5m
  • Welding Tip: Size 15
  • Cutting Nozzles: Size 8/12/15
  • Welding Goggles
  • Flint Lighter
  • Combination Spanner
  • Tip Cleaners
  • Heavy Duty Toolbox

Download the brochure: Cigweld – CutSkill Tradesman Oxy – LPG Kit

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