Sievert Pro 88/86 – The classic torch system


Sievert Pro 88/86 – The classic torch system

The Pro series meets high criteria for carrying out professional heating tasks. Whether soldering, paint stripping, cabling, roofing or gold/silversmith’s work, the high quality combined with convenience and a comprehensive range of  accessories makes the Pro series a versatile tool for the demanding craftsman.

Sievert Pro 88/86 – classic torch system program operates with propane, butane and Mapp gases.

  • All components are carefully chosen to guarantee long service life
  • Ergonomic designed handles
  • Works in all weather conditions
  • Wide range of burners for all applications
  • Pro 88 a double valved handle mainly for larger burners
  • Pro 88 incorporates one main valve and one economiser valve enabling a gas saving pilot flame
  • Pro 88 with trigger for shifting between pilot and main flame and for pulsing the main flame
  • Pro 86 a single valved handle mainly for smaller burners
  • Pro 86 with valve and spindle designed for exact flame setting

Download the brochure: Primus – Catalogue

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