Fronius TPS2700 Pulse Mig Welder

Fronius TPS2700-

Fronius TPS2700 Pulse Mig Welder

The Fronius TPS2700 for short circuit, spray and pulsed arcs is a fully digitised and microprocessor-controlled MIG/MAG power source with an output of 270 A. The power source gives the best weld properties in every respect, and reproducible results time and time again. The integral wire-feed unit guarantees portable use on construction sites, in workshops and for maintenance and repair activities. The multiprocess power source is suitable for MIG/MAG, TIG and electrode welding.

  • Portable pulse welding with 270A
  • Multiprocessor – controlled synergic operation
  • For manual MIG/MAG applications

A high-performance system

The Fronius TPS2700 is a very special power source indeed: It is totally digitised, so it delivers high-precision welding results. Its “synergic mode” makes it extremely simple to operate. Weighing only 27 kg, it is portable and suitable for any type of on-site/maintenance use, thanks also to its integral wirefeed drive. What’s more, it comes with just the right accessories for every possible application. From torches to cooling units to remote-control units. All exactly fine-tuned to the capabilities of the power source, and optimised as a complete overall system.

Versatile professionals

The Fronius TPS2700 machines offer an amazingly wide spectrum of possible applications. This is partly because of their portability, which makes them so ideal for the construction site, the workshop, and for repair and maintenance work. It is also due to their multiprocess capability – which means that you can weld using any welding process, be it MIG/MAG, TIG or MMA, all with one and the same machine.

The custom-tailored arc

With digital machines, all sorts of things become possible. They adapt to any and every task. Particularly in the case of the arc, very different requirements may be made, depending on the application. The digital inverter power source permits tailor-made solutions here. When it comes to pulsed arcs, for example, there is a special pulse-form to go with every material. The Fronius TPS2700 functions so precisely that only one single droplet of filler metal is detached for each current pulse. This results in virtually spatter-free welding, and means that for the first time, precision working is possible at the lower end of the power range: a 0.6 mm aluminium sheet can be welded under a pulsed arc using a 1.2 mm wire electrode with no difficulty at all. The digital arc-length control opens up wholly new perspectives as well. It works with such speed and precision that the arc length remains constant at all times; even when the stick-out changes, there is hardly any spatter.
In addition, the Syncro Puls function was developed for the machines. This function superimposes a low frequency pulse over the normal pulse, resulting in seam quality that is comparable with that of a TIG weld, and ensuring immaculate weld-seam appearance.

Savings are all part of the deal

What is more, some very handsome savings are generated all the time, as a direct result of the machines’ digital intelligence. Some examples: practically spatter-free welding (meaning next-to-no post-weld machining), automatic cooling-unit cut-out, low open circuit power, high efficiency, updates via laptop, easy accessibility for servicing.

Download the brochure: Fronius – TPS 2700

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