Lincoln LN-25 Pro


Lincoln LN-25 Pro Portable Industrial Wire Feeders

The new LN-25 PRO has built upon the tradition and success of the LN-25,  is designed to be simple, reliable and easy to service. The LN-25 PRO is ideal for field construction and fabrication, shipyards, and rental companies.

The MAXTRAC wire drive enhances performance, while the replacement case–and many other upgrade options– can be installed in less than five minutes.

The LN-25 PRO wire feeder is available in 3 models:

• Standard • Extra Torque • Dual Power

The Extra Torque model features additional torque gearing for reliable feeding of large diameter flux-cored wires.

The Dual Power model features a voltage control knob for superior arc control, digital meters for increased monitoring, MIG-STT capability, and can be powered with either a control cable or across the arc.


MIG, MIG-STT®, Pulsed, Flux-Cored

Key Features

Performance – All Models
− 2-Step/trigger interlock provides comfort for long welds.
− Sturdier and rugged spindle design with an incorporated brake.

Performance – Standard and Extra Torque Models
− Analog Voltmeter with polarity indicator LED automatically adjusts to welding polarity.
− Non-linear wire feed speed gives single range control, yet maintains sensitivity with low wire feed speed.

Performance – Dual Power Model
− Digital meters for increased monitoring.
− Display shows wire feed speed or amperage and welding voltage.

− Lightweight, impact and flame resistant polycarbonate case design keeps the internal components protected.
− Potted and trayed PC board protects against moisture and corrosion.
− Reel locking mechanism eliminates spindle cross threading.

− Case can be replaced in less than 5 minutes – eliminates downtime.
− Timer kit available to prevent the electrode from sticking in the crater when using high wire feed speeds.

Download the brochure: Lincoln – LN-25 Pro

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