Elliotts KEVLAR® BLUE Welding Gloves


Elliotts KEVLAR® BLUE Welding Gloves

The KEVLAR BLUE welding gloves sets the standard for protection for boiler making and heavy duty welding. Many have tried to copy our glove and failed to meet the quality and protection levels that the original KEVLAR BLUE welding gloves continually offer.

The KEVLAR BLUE welding gloves are certified to the following Australian standards to ensure that you are getting the best possible hand protection while welding.

AS/NZS 2161.3:2005 (EN388) Protection against mechanical risks

AS/NZS 2161.4:1999 (EN407) Protection against thermal risks (heat and fire)

The KEVLAR BLUE welding gloves are designed for extra durability with the addition of an extra piece of leather covering the palm and thumb area. The extra reinforcing knuckle bar strip across the back of the hand protects that knuckles and offers additional abrasion protection. We only use the highest quality leather and cotton liners and all wear seams are welted for additional protection and all seams are sewn with heat resistant Kevlar thread for extra durability.

The KEVLAR BLUE welding gloves are manufactured from soft, premium, selected leather.

All KEVLAR BLUE welding gloves have been made using leather that is chrome tanned to assure softness and durability while resisting heat, sparks, slag and cuts.

All KEVLAR BLUE welding gloves seams are lock stitched and sewn with DuPont KEVLAR thread for extra durability and strength. Were necesary heavy wear seams are welted for additional durability.

For heavy-duty welding protection KEVLAR BLUE welding gloves continue to set the standard of high quality, long lasting products in the industry.

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