Speedglas 9100 Premium Auto Helmets


Speedglas 9100 Premium Auto Helmets

The Speedglas 9100 series is based on 30 years of expertise and sets a new benchmark in welding shield technology. Designed for professional welders who require optimum comfort, trusted protection and ultimate performance, the Speedglas 9100 is the top of the line welding helmet series. It is now available with integrated respiratory protection and flip-up functionality.

Number One in Welding

The Speedglas welding lens was the first commercially viable auto-darkening welding lens; and with its exclusive technology has been the benchmark for auto-darkening welding shields ever since. Still ahead of its time more than 30 years since the first prototype, Speedglas’ revolutionary technology continues to make it the safest and most reliable brand of autodarkening welding shields available. Speedglas remains the world’s leading brand of personal protective equipment for welders.

Made in Sweden. Built for Australian Conditions.

For almost three decades, we have worked closely with welders, safety engineers and ergonomic specialists to consistently improve the performance and comfort of our products. We have also continued to collect feedback from welders across the world to assist us in creating welding solutions that deliver premium performance in comfort and protection.

Speedglas 9100 Series Welding Shield Features Excellent Optics, Bigger Views

The 3M Speedglas 9100 Series auto-darkening welding lenses continue our tradition of outstanding optical quality, including uniform shading and minimal distortion across the entire lens viewing area. By selecting just the right setting for each task, you reduce eye strain and improve the quality of every weld.

  • Three viewing areas available from 45x93mm up to the largest 73x107mm (see details in table below).
  • The 3M™ Speedglas™ 9100XX lens is 85 % larger than any standard Speedglas welding lens.
  • Seven adjustable dark shades including 9-13 (variable), 5 for gas welding/cutting, and 8 for micro-plasma or low amp TIG.
  • Outstanding low-amp TIG performance from settings as low as 1 amp.
  • New grind and lock in any shade mode
  • Exclusive, innovative tack welding comfort mode to help reduce eye strain.

Download the brochure: Speedglas – 9100 Brochure

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