Cigweld WeldSkill 200 ACDC Tig Welder


Cigweld Weldskill 200 ACDC Tig Welder

The CIGWELD WeldSkill 200 ACDC is a 240 volt, full digital control, AC/DC Lift TIG, HF TIG (GTAW), Stick (MMAW) inverter power source specifically designed for the budget conscious user. The unit features High Frequency (HF) start, Lift TIG start, Up/Down Slope, Pulse, 2T/4T Trigger Function and Gas Purge for AC or DC TIG welding. The CIGWELD WeldSkill 200 ACDC comes as a complete kit and is ideal for the light fabrication and maintenance of mild steels, stainless steels, copper and aluminium.


  • AC/DC Lift TIG (GTAW), HF TIG(GTAW), Stick (MMAW)
  • High Frequency Start
  • Digital voltage and amperage meters with preview
  • 2T, 4T with up/down slope
  • Pulse available on AC or DC TIG
  • Gas Purge in Lift TIG and HF TIG modes
  • Fully compliant to AS 60974.1-2006, IEC 60974-1 and AS 1674


  • Portable & powerful Inverter welding kit
  • Designed specifically for home handyman/tradesman
  • Excellent AC & DC TIG performance with HF start
  • Ideal for welding a range of mild steels, stainless steels & aluminium
  • Pulse welding capabilities in both AC & DC TIG modes

In Short

  • AC/DC Output – This Power source provides both AC and DC welding outputs
  • High frequency start for improved TIG starting performance
  • PULSE – Power source is fitted with pulse welding capabilities in TIG mode
  • 240 Volt, 15 Amp Supply Lead fitted to power source
  • Maximum Electrode Size 4.0mm – Power source is suitable for 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.2mm and 4.0mm electrode sizes
  • Australian Standards Compliance – This power source complies to the relevant Australian Standard, AS 60974.1-2006
  • 1 Year Warranty – The WeldSkill 200 ACDC is manufactured to stringent CIGWELD quality standards and is backed by a conditional One Year warranty

Download the brochure: Cigweld – WeldSkill 200 ACDC

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