Kemppi Mastertig MLS 3003 ACDC Tig Welder


Kemppi Mastertig MLS 3003 ACDC Tig Welder

Kemppi’s MasterTig MLS 3003 ACDC offers TIG welding professionals the necessary control to meet their exacting needs. Whatever the application, enjoy the performance. MasterTig MLS ACDC is a precise aluminium welding specialist that suits all welded materials. Modular design allows you to build the package that best suits your needs.

Choose from either ACS or ACX control panels allowing fast adjustment of base parameters including: pre/post gas time, AC arc frequency and slope time values. ACS provides all necessary controls for DC, AC and MIX TIG welding with either HF or contact ignition. ACX offers additional functions including MicroTack, memory channels and pulsed welding function.

MasterTig MLS 3003 ACDC models are suitable for TIG welding of all metals, particularly aluminium and stainless steel, as well as for MMA welding. They can be used for manual welding as well as mechanised welding applications.

The Mastertig MLS 3003 ACDC offers the most versatile and advanced devices for TIG welding. It’s characteristics were developed on the basis of the latest achievements in welding research.

The MasterTig MLS 3003 ACDC model is designed for 3-phase power supply networks.

The MasterTig MLS 3003 ACDC enables TIG welding with any type of current: AC, DC+, and DC-. In addition, it lets you use a combination of AC and DC, or the MIX TIG.

The digital control panels offer all the basic functions required in TIG welding, plus a great number of useful additional features that improve the quality and productivity of welding.

Setting the welding parameters is easy, and welderspecific, unique settings can be saved by using the memory channel function. There are also several remote control devices available.

MasterTig MLS 3003 ACDC have a specific cooling unit for water-cooled torches, the MasterCool 30.

Kemppi’s welding technology research unit conducts basic research in welding. The results have been utilised also in the development of the MasterTig MLS 3003 ACDC product family.

At the welding laboratory, the action of the welding arc can be slowed down using a high-speed camera, so that it ispossible to analyse phenomena taking place in the arc in very great detail.

This is how basic research contributes to product development and helps to create new, increasingly efficient characteristics to Kemppi welding devices.

This type of research is behind the many innovations at Kemppi, which have promoted welding technology in the global market.

This is also how the stable arc and many useful additional features of the MasterTig MLS 3003 ACDC were born.

Kemppi’s customer service network is continually in touch with the users of Kemppi’s products and services at the various levels throughout the welding industry.

User experiences and feedback derived from maintenance and customer services are collected and taken into consideration in the development of new models and services as much as possible.

Customer feedback is refined into actual devices, new functions, customer-specific welding programmes, and service products at Kemppi’s welding technology research unit.

Thus, Kemppi’s product developers can offer tailored solutions for welding professionals at shipyards, metal workshops, construction sites and everywhere else where pieces of metals are joined either manually or by using a welding robot.

MicroTack – Fast and high quality tacking ensures quality welds.

Tack welding is an important phase before solid welding. If tack welds burn through or remain raised or bumpy, the quality of the final weld will inevitably be poor.

MasterTig MLS 3003 ACDC has a MicroTack function, which facilitates tack welding also in demanding cases where the sheets to be joined are thin or have different thicknesses.

The heat input remains extremely low in MicroTack welding, which lets you create unnoticeable, neat tack welds without deformations. This makes final welding faster, and increases the productivity of welding work.

MIX TIG – The benefits of AC and DC in the same weld.

The MIX TIG function, designed for welding aluminium materials, is a special method that lets you simultaneously utilise both direct and alternating current welding.

The MIX TIG function lets you efficiently utilise the versatile welding characteristics of the MasterTig MLS ACDC.

You can adjust the current components according to your own requirements and the materials to be welded.

By increasing the proportion of AC, you attain a better cleaning effect, while increasing DC provides better penetration.

MasterTig MLS ACDC represents the pinnacle of TIG welding for the versatility of its functions.

The ACX control panel offers many functions that facilitate and increase the speed of welding.

For instance, the Minilog function lets you increase or lower the power level during welding by simply pressing the torch switch.

The 4T LOG function makes it easy to start and stop welding.

The system also offers memory channels that make selecting settings easier, as well as pulse welding functions that increase productivity.

Control panel features:

 ACS: Basic adjustments and MIX TIG

ACX: Basic adjustments, MIX TIG and special features such as MicroTack, pulse welding, Minilog, 4T LOG and memory channels.

In brief

  • TIG and MMA process eg: DC-/DC+/AC/MIX TIG
  • Power cost efficient, compact dimensions
  • MasterCool option for high duty applications
  • MicroTack for fast, low heat tack welding


  • Metal fabrication workshops
  • Shipyards and offshore industry
  • Chemical and process industry
  • Mechanised welding

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