Lincoln Invertec V205-T ACDC


Lincoln Invertec V205-T ACDC

The Invertec V205-T ACDC TIG is ideal for critical AC or DC TIG welding applications with Stick capabilities. Incorporating the latest inverter digital technology, the machine combines an excellent 200A @ 40% duty cycle with the portability and flexibility provided by single-phase 240V power requirements.

The V205-T ACDC controller provides all the features you would expect from a professional ACDC TIG inverter welding machine in a user-friendly layout.

Variable AC frequency allows you to focus the arc when precise arc control is required.

The Invertec V205-T ACDC is truly flexible and the rugged, portable, lightweight design is ideal for shop or field environments. It can be simply changed to a water-cooled unit by adding the Coolarc 20.
The Invertec V205-T ACDC is a well-featured user-friendly machine that is built to last and the Ready-to-weld package includes everything you need to unpack and start Stick or TIG welding fast.

Advantage Lincoln

  • Single Phase Auto-sensing for either 240V or 115V primary input
  • Digital inverter technology allowing 100% reproducible results
  • High duty cycle: 200A@40% at 40°C
  • Power Factor Correction to ensure high output for aluminium welding
  • Adjustable cleaning and penetration for perfect aluminium welding
  • Three wave shapes for AC TIG welding – Square, Triangle and Sinusoidal
  • Variable AC frequency for control of travel speed and penetration
  • Full featured and user-friendly control panel layout
  • Digital display allows precise setting of welding parameters
  • Menu driven for easy operator setup
  • Weighing only 17.6 kg, the Invertec V205-T ACDC is both lightweight and portable
  • Air-cooled or with the option of water-cooled operation
  • Two-year warranty

Cleaning and Penetration

A standard feature on the Invertec  V205-T ACDC is the adjustable cleaning and penetration. This achieves the ideal balance between cleaning the aluminium surface of oxide and the penetration of the weld. The machine operates using a square wave AC form as standard but can be set to produce either a sinusoidal or triangle wave form dependent on the welder’s needs. The machine is supplied air-cooled as standard. However, it can be easily converted to water-cooled with the addition of the Coolarc 20 water-cooler. The addition of the Coolarc 20 allows the machine to operate at high current with lightweight water-cooled torches. The Invertec V205-T ACDC is a well featured user-friendly machine built to last.


Download the brochure: Lincoln – Invertec V205-T ACDC

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